BitMex means “Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange”. It is actually a platform, which is designed for experienced traders in the bitcoin world. One of the reasons why experienced traders prefer this is that the platforms offer great leverage in shortings and contracts. This means that the chances of making big profits (and losses) are more. In short, the BitMex offers a higher risk environment, which is particularly favored by experienced traders. If you are new in the digital currency world, you might not fancy this platform.

The BitMex only trades in Bitcoin, this means that no matter which digital currency you use for financing, the profit and loss will be made in bitcoin only. With some complexities, this platform is not for beginners looking to make their initial investments.

Even though the BitMex is particularly useful for an experienced trader, the interface of the platform is still very user-friendly. If you are familiar with trading, you will find BitMex extremely easy to use. BitMex allows easy payout, letting users do that two times a day after some manual verification. If you are curious about your identity over the internet, you need not worry because BitMex allows you to trade completely anonymously.

Signing Up With BitMex

Signing up with BitMex is easy. You just have to have a valid email address and of course, an access to that email address. Visit the registration link for BitMex here. All fields you see on this page are compulsory and can’t be ignored.

In the first field, enter a valid email address and then your password. Since the information stored in your BitMex account will be confidential and it is a financial matter, we advise you to choose your password wisely. A mix of number, letters (both in lower and upper cases) and special characters makes a perfect password. Avoid setting your birthday, name or your pet’s name as passwords.

The next box is about your country of residence, most modern browsers will select your location automatically but if you are using a VPN, you may see a wrong location selected here. Turn your VPN off and select your location if it is in the list. If it is not, you may have to use a VPN and select a dummy location.

Now enter your first and last name. Please use your correct names, as they appear in the title of your bank accounts and other important details. Check on the “I accept the terms of services” and click register. You will receive an email on the given email address containing a verification link to complete the registration. Do that and your registration is complete! This verification link is valid for 24 hours only.

The complete process takes only a couple of minutes.